Launched on September 19, 2007, “Doctorious” is written by me, Matthew A. Gilbert, MBA. I am an American teacher and trainer with more than 25 years of experience writing, speaking, and consulting. After teaching extensively across Southern California, I embraced an expat opportunity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where I educate undergraduates at the American University in the Emirates.

However, when I taught primarily as a part-time professor, I often found myself suffering from an inflammation of education I called “adjunctivitis.” While adjuncting sometimes felt hazardous to my health, I was drawn to teaching because education empowers me to shape the lives of others while giving my life greater meaning.

Celebrating that spirit, this blog celebrates my adventures in academia while revealing my in-class, on-the-road, and at-home experiences in the United States and as an expat in the United Arab Emirates. Topics tackled include business, education, technology and a personal focus on Autism.

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But what does the name, “Doctorious,” mean?  More of a state of mind than a name, it equals the sum of doctorate + victorious + generous + notorious, as explained below:

  • Doctorate: When I first launched this blog I had completed two semesters of an Ed.D. program in organizational leadership at Pepperdine University and had just started a PhD program in human and organizational systems at Fielding Graduate University; in fact I started this blog as part of that program. I later withdrew, but will one day return to my doctoral studies.
  • Victorious: I envision completing my doctorate, earning tenure as a college business professor, and publishing books and articles about business, education, and technology. I am dedicated to succeeding in a way that aligns with my teaching philosophy and that allows me to contribute to the lives of others.
  • Generous: I am committed to creating knowledge for the greater good and invite others to collaborate while I look forward to contributing to the work of others: we can always learn more with each other than we can from each other.
  • Notorious: As a child of the 1980s, the Duran Duran song “Notorious” pops into my mind every time I see or say “Doctorious!” Also, in a nod to the literal meaning of the word notorious, in addition to my naturally contrarian nature,  I desire to  be a bit “intellectually revolutionary.”

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