Drinking to My Health

30 days.

According to several theories it takes anywhere from 21 to 30 days to break a bad habit. As of October 28, 2016 30 days had passed since I last had a drink of Coke, Pepsi, or any other similar type of soda. I have also been avoiding sugar and carbs as much as possible.

Instead, I’ve been drinking water, iced tea, and fruit juices with an occasional tea or coffee. The results have been tangible: most significantly, I have no desire to drink it any more, which is a huge leap forward to improved health, especially since I previously drank 4 to 10 cans of it a day! I am much less tired, not as hungry, feel less bloated, and my state of mind is much improved overall.


My experience is common; according to the website Medical Daily:

The evidence speaks for itself: Your health will drastically improve once you begin replacing your daily Coke or Mountain Dew with water. Pretty much every organ will benefit from quitting soda

The article further explains the health benefits of not drinking soda to your heart, brain, teeth, bladder, bones, kidneys, and reproductive organs. It also explains the positive impact removing soda from your diet has on weight loss, type 2 diabetes, and chronic disorders like heart disease. I see this as a positive step

Also included in the article are the results of a study published in the American Journal of Public Health which found people who drink a lot of soda also have shorter telomeres in their immune cells — this means their risk of dying younger was increased.

Telomeres are protective DNA units that are situated at the ends of chromosomes, and the shorter they get, the more a person ages and is at risk for disease and death. So cutting out that good-for-nothing sugary drink from your life will seemingly only offer you good things, by lengthening your telomeres as well as your life span, and improve your overall health.

Additional benefits of giving up soda are explained in a Yahoo! article titled 7 Amazing Things that Happen to Your Body When You Give Up Soda,” as listed below:

  1.  You’ll be less hungry.
  2. You’ll look younger.
  3. You’ll lose more weight.
  4. You’ll get sick less often.
  5. You’ll reduce hidden fats.
  6. You’ll stop bones from breaking.
  7. You’ll have more energy.

Notably, my main motivation for discontinuing drinking soda were some troubling blood work results related to my type 2 diabetes. I had been taking my medication, but had neglected my health overall. Something finally clicked and I am taking control of my health with the input and assistance from a top quality Aster medical clinic here in Dubai.

You’d think I would have embraced this change sooner, as I’ve been dealing with diabetes since my diagnosis on February 7, 2012, but I can sometimes be slow to change and stubborn to admit the errors of my ways.

Maybe I have finally resolved to evolve?