Gratitude for the Gift of My Students

As I celebrate my birthday I wanted to thank my students past, present, and future; their presence is an invaluable present.

In addition to the people I teach in classrooms I also consider my sons as my students: they teach me about life and my place in it — in a different way, each and every day.

Teaching is my passion and, just as a leader needs followers, I would not be a teacher if I had no students. Whether in a class or in life, my students are the greatest gifts I have been fortunate enough to receive.

Accordingly, as I explain in my Teaching Philosophy, “Internalizing Søren Kierkegaard’s idea that ‘to be a teacher in the right sense is to be a learner,’ I join with my students on a journey of generative learning.”

Believing education should create community, not competition, I combine learning with laughter to construct a collaborative, supportive, and innovative classroom.

Interdisciplinary by nature, I welcome varied viewpoints: no idea is off limits so long as it contributes to the conversation. In that spirit I encourage my students to embrace their ideas and own their education.

I therefore wanted to thank each of my students for being my “birthday gifts.” I am grateful for the opportunity to learn with and from each of you!