Facebook Saves Clark Kent from Death by Kryptonite in a “Smallville” Episode

If you think social media is only about fail whales, think again: Facebook played a significant role in saving Clark Kent from death by kryptonite exposure in the April 23, 2009 episode of Smallville.

smallville_opening_creditsTitled “Stiletto,” the episode involves Lois Lane posing as a new hero of the same name to attract the attention of the “Red/Blue Blur.”

This is the name given to Clark Kent in reference to the distinctive “red and blue blur” his primary-colored clothes leave in photographs taken of him saving residents of Metropolis at supersonic speed.

In the scene when Facebook is mentioned, Lois visits Chloe Sullivan (her cousin) about the whereabouts of missing Daily Planet photographer Jimmy Olsen. Notably, after getting married just a few episodes ago, Chloe and Jimmy abruptly divorced due to some key plot twists involving the appearance of Doomsday in Smallville.

Audio clips and transcripts of the two key parts of the scene are provided below. Note that the volume of the clips might be low, so be sure to adjust your volume.

Facebook Saves Clark Kent: Part 1

 Lois: “Jimmy’s not answering his phone and I was just wondering if perhaps you knew — “

Chloe: “Where my ex was? I thought that’s what Facebook updates were for.”

 Facebook Saves Clark Kent: Part 2

Chloe: “Jimmy should be at the Ace of Clubs…I really need to remove him from my Facebook friends, don’t I?”

FacebookFortunately, Chloe’s revelation allows Lois to find Jimmy and Clark who are being held captive by gangsters. She embraces her adopted superhero role and saves the day.

Unfortunately, a kryptonite-weakened Clark takes a bullet meant for Lois during the rescue, but he quickly recovers. Of course, he makes sure to not let a guilt-ridden Lois in on the secret.

The “rescue” scene and the one immediately following it is available on YouTube (embedding has been disabled). You can also watch the full episode online at the website of the CW Television Network.

So, when’s the last time your Facebook status saved a superhero?