New Content Notice: Webcams & Weather

As an adjunct professor, a great deal of my time is spent on the road. In fact, two of the more common nicknames for adjuncts are “freeway flyer” and, my personal favorite, “roads scholar.”  One of the biggest challenges I face in my travels is weather and traffic.

Although this is the case with most people who commute, for some of my drives, especially Santa Clarita to Bakersfield and back, I have to negotiate the arduous and unpredictable “grapevine” portion of Interstate 5.  Earlier this year I drove through the grapevine in the morning en route to Bakersfield during a light snow that eventually grew into a snowstorm that shut down the freeway for two days.

To facilitate my commutes and to help others driving similar routes, I collected links to webcams, weather reports and road conditions for the areas through which I most frequently drive. I then compiled this information and added a new page to this blog titled “Webcams & Weather.”

All of the links on the page are organized by the freeways, highways and interstates on which I drive to the schools where I teach (all are in the Southern California area and parts of the San Joaquin Valley).  I have also identified the city in which the webcam is located and provided a link to a current weather report for it (in parenthesis).

Where available I also provided links to road conditions for a specific area (you can also visit the California Department of Transportation website and search for conditions ona route of your choice). If the webcams below don’t provide information about an area in which you are traveling, you might want to take a look at one of the numerous webcams throughout California operated by Caltrans.

I will add more links as I discover them. Please contact me at doctorious [at] generative [dot] com if you have any suggestions or notice a cam is no longer working. In the meantime, have a look at the “Webcams & Weather” page.