Hot Enough For Ya? 89 Degrees at 12:18 in the Morning!

After exciting Southbound Interstate 5 this morning at 12:18 a.m. I noticed the temperature indicator in my car displayed 89 degrees (Fahrenheit). I was coming home from the DeVry University center in Bakersfield where I just wrapped up another successful 8-week session.

This reminded me of a time when I drove into Scottsdale, Arizona for a Theta Chi Fraternity convention at about the same time of day in August (roughly 14 years ago) when it was 101 degrees.

Certainly there are hotter places in the world, but it has still been just unbearable in the Santa Clarita Valley these past few days.

Temperatures are expected to reach upwards of 107 degrees today and if it is 89 degrees this early in the morning, I can only imagine how hot it will be in just a few hours.

Thank God for air conditioning!