Published Paper: Thought Leaders on Leadership

Attached is a paper titled “Thought Leaders on Leadership” that I co-wrote while enrolled in the Pepperdine University Ed.D. program in organizational leadership with classmates Eric D. Agrusa (who has since transferred to an Ed.D. program in educational leadership at the University of Southern California), Joseph E. Craig, Jorge Martinez and Daisy Nwokorie.

The paper was published on pages 1008 to 1011 in the proceedings from the 2008 Southwest Academy of Management Conference, which was held in Houston, Texas from March 4 to 8, 2008. I also participated as a paper reviewer for this conference and looked over four papers in the “International Management, Organization & Management Theory, Management & Organizational Cognition, Management Education & Development” track.

I had originally planned to attend this conference and present the paper, but was unable to do so due to some pressing personal matters. I am hoping to attend next year’s conference and am also looking into attending the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim, California from August 8 to 13, 2008. The abstract from the paper is as follows:

This paper examines the concept of thought leadership through interviews with eleven people who define the term. Representing business, ministry, education, media and psychology, these individuals provided answers to six questions about leadership. All interviewees are respected by their peers, are often admired by others outside their industry and have made notable contributions to their areas of expertise.  The responses from each are synthesized into sections pertaining to each question in such a way as to compare and contrast their statements to divine similarities and differences from which conclusions can be drawn.

I welcome your comments, questions and ideas!