Published Paper: H.I.G.H. O.C.T.A.N.E. – Ten Additives that Power High Performance in Organizations

Attached is a paper titled “H.I.G.H. O.C.T.A.N.E. – Ten Additives that Power High Performance in Organizations” that I originally conceptualized in the fall of 2006 during my first of two semesters in the Pepperdine University Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership program.

I subsequently co-wrote the paper with classmates Fa’auliulito H. Meni, Jill A. Peck, and Wayne J. Stickney-Smith — all of whom are still enrolled at Pepperdine.

I later presented the paper in March 2007 at the annual conference of the International Academy of Business Disciplines in Orlando, Florida. I am considering making this the focus of my doctoral dissertation or perhaps an area of significant academic inquiry.

The abstract from the paper is as follows:

Organizations are similar to cars: both require fuel to power them and a driver to direct them. In an organization, the fuel is its culture and the driver is initially its founder and in later years its current chief executive.

Just as cars require fuel to function, organizations share key cultural factors in order to exist.  Uniquely, some organizations are able to elevate themselves beyond basic existence into a coveted realm of high performance.

Doing so is difficult, and requires ten additives that convert a group’s culture into a H.I.G.H. O.C.T.A.N.E. source of power that can transform it into a high performing entity.

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